Indoor Vacuum Cleaner

Indoor and outdoor vacuum cleaners, WA

Get the right vacuum cleaner for your flooring needs. Coastline Mowers has a range of vacuum cleaners for sale, each designed to service various floor surfaces, from residential carpets to warehouse floors, quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re looking for industrial vacuum cleaners, floor sweepers, chippers or commercial vacuums to keep your outdoor and indoor space looking clean and crisp, Coastline Mowers is the recommended choice. Get your high-end cleaning systems from us. We repair, maintain and service every machine, from the small home vacuum to a tough warehouse sweeper, we service them all.

Our rugged warehouse sweepers are created to cleanly sweep those large spaces that are covered in industrial grade dust and materials, while our industrial vacuum cleaners are durable and efficiently suck up and store those rough materials.

We service all our products ensuring each vacuum cleaner that leaves our premises is 100% up to the job and ready for work. Choose yours from a selected variety of brand names.


Designed to effectively clean various floors and in really difficult-to-reach spots, the Stihl SE 62 and Stihl SE 122 indoor vacuum cleaners can only be used inside and are equipped with multiple filter systems for use on various surfaces. Considered top of the range for carpet and hard floor cleaning, our indoor vacuum cleaners are manufactured using the finest materials and technology, the indoor machines are lightweight, compact, easy to use and particularly easy to store.

Powerful and performance driven, you can choose between our dry, or wet and dry commercial vacuum cleaners and floor sweepers, which are conceptualised by industry professionals and created to meet your needs.


If you’re looking for an outdoor sweeper then our rugged and durable chipper, shredder vacuums are perfect for driveways, tennis courts and pool areas. Our outdoor vacuum cleaner range is regularly serviced and maintained by our highly qualified staff, ensuring they’re ready for you to use in any outdoor setting.

Our outdoor vacuums offer a consistently efficient performance. While the outdoor sweeper keeps your driveway looking sharp and clean, the vacuum is ideal for those really hard-to-reach spaces in your back garden or front yard.

If you’ve used a vacuum to remove all those annoying leaves, then the shredder is the ideal machine to snap the twigs and branches; breaking them down into small wood pieces that are then deposited into the bag; clean, reliable and easy to use. You really couldn’t ask for a better mechanical gardener.

Get your vacuum cleaners for sale from Coastline Mowers where our staff are highly experienced and our technicians are fully qualified to assist you with your requirements. Contact us today.