Chainsaws for Sale

Every customer has different needs when they come to us for a chainsaw, and we understand that. Some customers are looking for something to get the job done now, and others are looking to get the job done now and every time after. Some customers are on a tight budget, and others are looking to invest in a rugged, precision tool for regular use. No matter what your needs and uses, we have a chainsaw that will suit you, at a price that suits too.

Good chainsaws from quality brands can last more than a decade, which is why we always try to provide our customers with a product that even when on a budget, can be an investment that works out cheaper over time. We want you to get value for money when you choose to buy from us which is why we choose only to stock brands that manufacture high quality, reliable and rugged chainsaw that is designed to stand up to any condition or task. We are always happy to discuss your needs because we want to be sure we give you the best possible advice on your purchase, so you walk away happy with your new tool.

Stihl Chainsaws

Few names are as associated with chainsaws as Stihl. Stihl have been producing chainsaws since 1926, and the founder was one of the early inventors and innovators of chainsaw technology. Stihl have maintained a reputation for quality and innovation for almost 100 years, staying at the forefront of chainsaw manufacturing, keeping production under close watch at their headquarter in Germany.

When you choose to buy a Stihl chainsaw at Coastline Mowers, you will be getting a precision instrument that has been developed and built in Germany under the supervision of experts. You will have the comfort and confidence of meticulous construction and reliability. With proper service, a Stihl chainsaw will last you for decades to come.

We are proud to stock and recommend Stihl products to our customers where appropriate. Come in and visit our showroom to see the whole Stihl range.

Coastline Mowers Rockingham

Coastline Mowers is a family business that offers quality garden power machinery to residents of Rockingham and the greater Perth area. We are proud to bring our 35 years of specialist experience to the table for every customer, no matter the size or shape of their garden, and no matter what they want to achieve. We have one of the largest garden power tool showrooms in Australia so you can get a real sense of the tools that are available for your needs. We stock a variety of brands and models, and we provide expert advice to help you navigate our range so you can select precisely what you need.

Give us a call now or come in and see us at our showroom in Rockingham. We want to help you with all your garden machinery needs.