Chippers and Stump Grinders

Whether you’re undertaking a serious area clean out or doing regular garden maintenance, make easy work of any branches and debris with a high quality chipper. Not only will they abolish the need for garden waste removal, that requires either multiple trips to a disposal unit or a costly pick-up service, you’ll also be left with a stack of handy wood chips for use on a trail or garden bed.

Durable Perth Wood Chippers

While we offer a range of sizes and functionalities in our range of chippers, each one is designed to take care of sizable branches in a quick and efficient manner as well as make easy work of any other garden debris such as leaves, weeds, and foliage. Minimal preparation of the wood is required before shredding or chipping, and the smart designs ensure each chipper is easy to maneuver and safe to handle.

Efficient stump grinders

One of the worst eyesores in a garden can be the trickiest to get rid of – a big ‘ol tree stump. The purchase of a tough stump grinder can easily remove any grounded wood block, whether you live on a wooded property or want to add one to your repertoire as a gardening contractor. Available in a range of sizes to suit any need, each stump grinder is fitted with a powerful cutter wheel whose sharp teeth will make light work of a stubborn tree stump.

Practical and sustainable products

One of the most rewarding bonuses to using a piece of garden machinery like a stump grinder or chipper is the sustainable output and environmentally friendly waste recycling that it enables. After quickly reducing all bulky branches and garden waste you’re left with useful wood chips that can be reused to cover trails or paths, add to garden beds, turn to mulch, or even as fuel. This sustainable approach also saves you money by reducing the need for waste removal, and purchasing mulch or composted products for your garden or land area.

Quality Designs

Here at Coastline Mowers we pride ourselves in stocking only the highest quality gardening equipment on the market, meaning each product has to pass a standard of performance, durability, and value for money. As well as providing precision chippers and stump grinders to dedicated home gardeners, we also stock professional contractors with reliable and long-lasting gardening machinery and equipment. Our 35+ years of experience in the industry and knowledgeable team mean we also provide quality servicing with each product we sell.

Coastline Mowers gardening machinery

With the largest floor display or garden equipment in WA, you can trust the team here at Coastline Mowers knows their stuff when it comes to quality gardening machinery. Each hand-picked product is guaranteed to offer a high performance, unbeatable features, with a top price point to rival any competitor. By also offering product servicing and expert advice, whether you’re managing a small acreage or working as a farmer, we pride ourselves on providing an all-round quality service. To check out what we have to offer, call into us today at our Rockingham centre, or get in touch with us here with any questions you have about sales, servicing, or repairs.