Log Splitters

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Log Splitters

Anyone with a wooded area on their property, be it a smaller section of woodland or a tree-heavy farming property, knows the benefits of having access to this source of firewood. Whether the wood is to re-sell or to stock up your store for the winter months, log splitting is an invaluable method to quickly and easily break down large logs into a manageable woodpile. Adding a log splitter to your Perth garden machinery inventory is a great investment when it comes to overall property maintenance.

Perth log splitters

Our range of quality log splitters includes only reliable known brands, such as Rover, Masport and Supaswift, as we pride ourselves in offering our customers garden machinery created with durability and longevity in mind. The larger log splitters on offer have the ability for both vertical and horizontal operation, high levels of splitting force, as well as ergonomic design to ensure ease of use for the operator. Our selection of simpler splitters are easy to use and maintain, small enough to transport easily, have low noise levels, and can split logs in a manner of seconds.

Heavy-duty machinery

Australian hard wood is known as some of the toughest in the world for splitting, meaning it requires a special level of robust garden equipment to split it into firewood. Our range of specialised log splitters for Perth includes capabilities of 5 tonnes to 33 tonnes, each one with specialised splitters to easily tackle both soft and hard woods. The ability to manage long length log capacity gives it the power to cut hefty wood logs and rapidly produce large piles of wood for reuse.

Quality servicing

With each log splitter fitted with various engine options or high-end performances, regardless of size and tonne splitting force, we know the value of providing top quality maintenance to ensure your resilient log splitter in Perth will create consistent firewood for years to come. Even the most dependable pieces of garden equipment require regular maintenance, and our knowledgeable team is chosen with the experience in mind to provide top servicing for each product we sell. Operating out of our fully stocked Rockingham workshop, we pride ourselves on having all required spare parts as well as reliable parts provider connections.

Why choose Coastline Mowers?

Our many repeat customers say the main reason they keep coming back to Coastline Mowers is simple – our wide range of quality products and our combined experience that we love to share with any customer that needs it. When it comes to more heavy-duty pieces of garden machinery such as log splitters we understand the importance in selecting the right product for your needs, and our friendly team is here to help as well as provide ongoing servicing. Browse our extensive range online, or call into our Rockingham store to see our huge floor display of equipment. To get in touch with any questions you might have about log splitters or anything else you can do that easily here.