Ride On Mowers

Ride-On Mowers For Sale

Ride-on mowers are indispensable where you have a lot of ground to cover on a regular basis. Not only do they make short work of whole football fields, but they are also more efficient and consistent in their output, providing a professional cut to every lawn.

Ride-on mowers come in a massive range of sizes and specifications, and at a variety of price points. You might imagine that a ride on mower is thousands of dollars more than a conventional lawnmower. But Coastline Mowers stocks economical Ride-on mowers that can literally put you in the driver’s seat of your mowing. And if your needs are large scale or commercial, Coastline mowers has you covered too. We stock heavy-duty models from leading brands like Kubota, Masport, Rover and Cox, and we have a great selection of products that are designed for commercial and/or industrial use. Whatever your garden needs, at Coastline Mowers we can help you get it done!

Rover Ride-on Mower

Rover has been providing quality lawnmowers and ride-on mowers to Australians for more than 60 years. They have a series of ride-on models to choose from, beginning from their Micro Mower, all the way up to their 22 horse-powered, 101cm cutting deck, zero turn model for wide coverage, Rover has a model to suit every level of lawn care. You can also select from a range of cutting heights, so you can keep your lawn cricket pitch thin or rich and thick, whatever makes your garden stand out. Rover is an excellent choice for any Australian lawn.

Cox ride-on mowers

Cox is an Australian made and owned brand of ride-on mowers that have been producing quality machinery for Australian conditions for the past 60 years. Their machines are made right here by Australian hands, so you know you are supporting local businesses by purchasing a Cox product. And as they are made here, they are also made for here, so Cox machines are tough, rugged and reliable, and made to work hard come rain or shine. We stock our favourite Cox models for our customers and are more than happy to walk you through the specs and benefits of a Cox ride-on mower.

Ride-on lawnmower servicing

When you purchase a lawnmower or garden power tool from Coastline Mowers, you have the added benefit of knowing you can return to us at any time to service, maintain and repair your mower so it keeps running just like new. We have a fully equipped workshop with a team of trained and experienced technicians who are able to service and maintain any model from any brand that we stock in our store. Our technicians understand that you may heavily rely on your ride on mower for your business or industry to operate effectively, so we are committed to ensuring you get seamless service with a quick turnaround wherever possible. We will do our very best to make sure you are not without your mower for long. We also provide a blade and cylinder sharpening service so your mower makes clean cuts at every turn, and does minimal damage to your lawns.

Come in and see us today for expert advice on all things mowing!