One of the most practical pieces of gardening equipment you can buy for maintaining your lawn is a brushcutter. Similar to a line trimmer (or weed whacker or whipper snipper) a brushcutter tackles additional duties to just trimming lawn edges as it can be fitted with a metal cutting blade capable of cutting tougher plants and woody shrubs. Perfect for easy maintenance of any garden type, the strong design makes easy work of hardy weeds and messy garden edges.

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Robust Design

Here at Coastline Mowers we pride ourselves on supplying only the best brands like Stihl to our Perth customers, so whether you choose a brushcutter with a metal cutting blade for tough weeds or a lighter line trimmer for grass edges, you can be sure you’re getting a reliable and easy to use piece of gardening equipment. Designed with sturdy capabilities and precise control, brushcutters transform garden maintenance into a straightforward task with minimal output from you. The ergonomic form is comfortable for anyone to use, easily creating perfect finishes even in those tricky to reach spots.

Petrol or Electric?

Selecting which design depends on your requirements, as both petrol and battery powered  brushcutters come with their own benefits. Petrol-run brushcutters are better suited to larger gardens as they can run for longer once you have the fuel, and will run smoothly and efficiently for a long time as long as you keep it well serviced. Battery powered brushcutters are growing in popularity thanks to their quieter and more sustainable design, as advanced Stihl technology means electric equipment does not lack any power compared to petrol powered designs. Here at Coastline Mowers we offer a great range of both petrol and electric options, and are happy to discuss which is the best fit for your needs.

Stihl Brushcutters

Here at Coastline Mowers we offer a wide selection to suit all lawn types, and stock only the best quality products such as Stihl in Perth. Their innovative range combines power with easy-to-handle ergonomic designs comfortable enough to tackle even the biggest gardens. As a well-renowned brand you can count on them for reliability, and their high performing brushcutters can tackle the toughest weeds and keep that lawn and its edges pristine.

Servicing Available for All Our Products

As well as offering an extensive range of top-quality Stihl brushcutters to our Perth customers, each product purchased from us at Coastline Mowers has a guarantee of spare parts available for an incredible 10 years. Our full equipped workshop in Rockingham is ready to service every gardening product we sell, and our experienced team is on hand to revitalise your equipment and help you get the job done.

Why choose Coastline Mowers?

As Perth’s leading provider of top quality garden machinery and equipment, our friendly team has the expertise and experience to find the perfect piece of equipment for your needs. Whether you need a tough brushcutter or a light line trimmer, our 35+ years of experience in the industry has enabled us to create the largest floor display of garden equipment in WA. Check it out by calling into us today at our Rockingham centre, and get in touch with us here with any questions you have about sales, servicing, or repairs.

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