High Pressure Cleaner

When your walls are filthy and your pavements covered in mud, when your loading bay at your factory stinks and graffiti artists have tagged your building, you need a high pressure cleaner to effortlessly clean all your walls, floors and roofs.

Our high pressure water cleaners are up to the toughest cleaning challenges and can be useful in a variety of settings. Whether you work in a dusty industrial site, the agricultural sector, or for a local municipality, cleaning has never been easier than with our high pressure cleaning equipment.

Our range of cold water cleaners are ideal for washing cars and buildings, using high pressure and a high flow rate. These cleaners can remove even the most stubborn dirt and can clean large areas, quickly. We have similar machines that clean with hot water.

If you work in a trade area with a demand for disinfecting areas on a regular basis, we have stationary high pressure cleaners suitable for the job.

One of our most popular cleaners is the Stihl pressure washer. Tough and effective, this cleaner is perfect for the home, warehouse or factory; use with hot or cold water.

Petrol and Electric Pressure Washers


If you don’t need to stray too far from an electric point then one of our electric pressure washers is ideal for you. Light, durable and easy to use, our Stihl pressure cleaners are capable of taking on the toughest and dirtiest jobs. Whether it’s around the home, in the garden, outdoor furniture, patio or the family car, we have a high-pressure cleaner which is designed to be versatile, and can clean all those items and more, quickly and efficiently.


If you require a cleaner that is a bit more mobile, then view our collection of petrol pressure cleaners. Check out our Briggs and Stratton range, with their all-terrain puncture-resistant wheels and their detergent injection system for increased cleaning power. We have different sized engines depending on your cleaning requirements, contact us and we will advise you on the best petrol pressure cleaner for your needs.

For high pressure cleaning that is easy and efficient, contact us to find your cleaning and washing