Kubota Tractors

Kubota Tractors

With over 35+ years of experience providing Western Australian farmers with reliable equipment tough enough to excel in Australian conditions, it was an obvious choice for us at Coastline Mowers to stock Kubota tractors and Kubota mowers. This is a brand renowned for high performance and incredible durability, two essential traits of all our stocked products, as well as being a world leader in compact engines and developing advanced technologies. Kubota tractors are constantly evolving to integrate new innovations, with their extensive range focused on improving the quality of the work you do every day.

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Designed for Australian Conditions

Kubota tractors in Perth is an obvious choice, given the brands focus on powerful traction, slick maneuverability, and intense productivity; all of which are essential traits for tractors required for farming and agricultural work in Australia. The versatile design of each tractor results in high performing pieces of machinery, created with tough conditions in mind. Kubota products are ahead of their time, prioritising fuel efficiency and promoting energy saving elements that only serve to increase their durability and prolonger their life span, something we know is important to our Australian customers.


Given the range of operations each tractor is expected to carry out on a working farm or agriculture business, we understand that versaille machines are absolutely essential to making them a worthwhile purchase. With each tractor model offering a range of attachments, a true strength of Kubota, Perth customers are paying attention to these all-rounder style machines that are capable of tackling a broad range of tasks with ease. From moving soil and other materials, to digging trenches and clearing debris, we offer a wide range of Kubota attachments for your tractor to suit any job – even if you just need it to mow the lawn once in a while!

Servicing Available for All Our Products

As well as stocking a broad range of Kubota tractors and Kubota mowers, with sizes and styles to suit all needs, we ensure that every product sold has a guarantee of spare parts available for an impressive 10 years. Here at Coastline Mowers we understand that a machinery purchase is made with longevity in mind, which is why we only stock durable products like Kubota as well as provide servicing and maintenance for all our products at our fully equipped Rockingham workshop.

Why choose Coastline Mowers?

There is a reason that we have so many repeat customers here at Coastline Mowers, and it comes down to our extensive experience of 35+ years in the industry. This knowledge ensures we stock only the best brands and provide guaranteed top notch servicing and repairs. Kubota is a leading supplier of agriculture equipment, and we can find you the perfect Kubota tractor for your needs as well as keep it running in mint condition for years to come. Browse our extensive range online, or call into our Rockingham store to see our massive floor display of equipment. To get in touch with any questions you might have about Kubota machinery or anything else you can do that easily here.

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