With your lawn in an almost dormant state during colder months, time to take a look at the tool shed, and upgrade your lawn care equipment. 

As garden power specialists, the Coastline Mowers team recommend you take steps to prep tools before Spring arrives, including maintenance, new additions to your garden care equipment range, and model upgrades.

Lawn Mowers

Reasons to be in the market for a new mower include reduced performance, often from age or damaged parts too problematic to replace, interest in a different design, or a desire to upgrade from your current model.

A past blog discussed things to consider before buying a new lawn mower, including terrain and comfortability. Coastline Mowers has push mowers and riding mowers for sale that transform lawn care routines. 

Price of parts and frequency of maintenance differs between brands and models, so more than upfront costs should be factored into budget. Our experienced team can help you calculate the best investment. 

From Kabuta mowers to Victa lawn mowers, the wide range on display in our Rockingham showroom lets you confirm the new mower is comfortable, simple to use, and suited to your needs and preferences. 

Lawn Care

Lawn maintenance extends beyond lawnmowers. A Sprayer is fantastic to have on hand during a weed outbreak, for safe weed killer application. You might also want a tool to help with fertilizer application.

Attention to detail will keep the appearance of your lawn in top shape. Lawn Edgers produce a stunning trim for your grassed areas, while a Leaf Blower handles messy garden debris quickly and efficiently.

Garden Tools

A beautiful lawn is best appreciated when surrounded by a well-kept garden. Assess your gardening schedule. What duties prove unexpectedly time-consuming? Tidying the yard is easier with the right products.

While Brushcutters help with lawn edges, they’re also wonderful against resilient plants.

A Chainsaw is a great assist, helping minimise the chance of falling branches during heavy winds and storms.

For a hedge ooking less than its best, invest in a quality Hedge Trimmer to save time. If surrounding decking and paving are giving you trouble, add a High Pressure Cleaner to your tool collection.

Professional Selection

Many West Australian garden care specialists rely on Coastline Mowers to provide high performing models. If your business requires equipment upgrades, winter is a great time to explore new options.

We stock dozens of world renowned brands, including products for specialist needs. With more than three decades experience, we offer informed opinions on equipment performance in West Australian conditions.

Equipment Care

Whether using new or older power tools, sharp blades make all the difference. Winter is the perfect period to bring in your equipment. Our sharpening service caters to bladed and cylindered tools.

For equipment working at less than premium levels, our experienced technicians will figure out the issue, and provide repairs with a 3-month warranty. Our Rockingham workshop has a large supply of parts on standby.

Cooler months are suited to servicing garden power equipment, and Coastline Mowers provides a trusted lawn mower service to Perth and surrounds. Prep your tools for Spring, and contact with our team today.