Choosing the right type of lawn mower for your area can be tricky, and painful if you get something that doesn’t suit your needs. This is easy to avoid however with a few basic tips to point you in the right direction. Let’s take a look at the major things to consider before purchasing your new mower.

Types of Mowers

You’ll want to figure out what type of mower is suitable for the area it’s used. Typically, a standard push mower for a backyard weighs about 40kg-80kg. If you have a large area to cut down then consider how tired you’ll get with a push mower – it might be worth considering a ride-on mower to get the job done fast and efficiently without the aches and pains.

Ride-on mowers are great for large areas yet can be considerably more expensive than a push mower. However, with the added expense comes added durability, reliability, comfort and efficiency. They’re also a lot more fun to use!


The type of terrain will make a big difference to what type of mower will be suitable for you. Do you have Green Couch, or Buffalo grass? Couch requires mowing at a smaller height (5mm-30mm), while Buffalo doesn’t require mowing until it’s about 30mm-50mm.

Is your terrain flat, or undulating? Are there awkward edges or tight turnarounds to consider? Is your area prone to lots of falling debris such as leaves and sticks? Depending on these variables a reel mower might be more your style rather than a rotary mower – or vice versa. Take the time to identify your lawn type before you start shopping around.


Your mower also needs to be comfortable for you to use. If you want to buy a push mower, confirm that you can adjust its height in order to suit you. If you want a ride-on mower, make sure that the seat is firm and comfortable enough for you to operate it with ease.


Everyone wants to save cash if they can, but when it comes to lawn mowers, spending more can save you expenses down the track. Paying a higher price for a mower means you’ll be getting a long-lasting machine. You won’t have to think about frequent part replacements or repairs.

Think about what parts of your lawn mower may get more wear and tear and speak to a lawn mower expert so they can help guide you in to making the right purchase.

Talk To An Expert

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what type of mower you’re after – seek out an expert that can guide you through the different types of mowers available to suit your budget – there’s plenty of different models and variations to choose from. Coastline Mowers have an extensive range of mowers and mowing-related products on offer. 

To get the right advice, contact a Coastline Mowers expert here, or by visiting in-store or calling (08) 9528 7111. Not only does Coastline Mowers have one of the largest showrooms in Australia, they also have more than 35 years’ experience in advising and supplying quality products to all of Rockingham and Perth.