If your lawn is looking worse for wear, the following insights could help revitalise dry and patchy grass. 

 At Coastline Mowers, we understand quality lawn care products must be utilised alongside smart lawn maintenance habits. While some lawns are too far gone for rescue, others can be brought back to flourishing life.

Are you watering?

Sounds obvious, but this simple step is important, especially in terms of consistency. Secondly, are you watering too much or too little? Both can do more harm than good. Check out our lawn watering tips for guidance.

How are the roots?

Identify whether dry patches in your lawn can be saved, or are past saving. For example, the roots of a dead lawn won’t resist if pulled out of the soil. Dry grass, on the other hand, will still resist attempted removal. 

Did you check the crown?

Crown health is another useful way to distinguish dry grass from dead grass. If the base of the leave is white rather than brown, there is hope that section of your lawn is dormant, and can be encouraged to recover.

Is your mowing routine to blame?

Whether you’re using push or self-propelled lawn mowers or riding mowers, a cut that is too short can dry the grass. To avoid making lawn vulnerable, try not to be overzealous with that lawn mowing schedule.

Have you aerated the lawn? 

If soil is compacted, your lawn can suffer. For large areas, consider investing in a quality aerator. Otherwise, hire one, or aerate with a hand tool or aeration footwear. Your local hardware store will offer useful tips.

How is the soil pH level?

Soil that is too acidic or not acidic enough may be inhibiting a lawn’s growth. Use a soil testing kit to get a read (6-7 is good). Apply recommended substances to increase or decrease levels. Expert input is best. 

Is fertiliser a good idea?

Not if fertilising caused the patches—and in some cases, introducing a fertiliser may do more damage to dry lawns. Research potential fertiliser with type of grass, lawn condition, and application season in mind.

Should you dethatch?

Thatch is organic matter between roots and greenery. Too thick (approaching 1.5cm) can be detrimental. There are dethatching tools but be aware this procedure only suits certain grasses, during specific seasons.

Is overseeding possible?

Overseeding adds new seeds to patchy areas of lawn. Mowing and raking beforehand is recommended. Some lawns may need dethatching, aerating or fertilising, and follow-up irrigation. Research this process first.

 Why is your lawn dead?

If your lawn is carefully cared for yet still keeps dying, it’s worth seeking a professional opinion. Underling issues like pest infestation or soil conditions may be in play. Expert guidance could save your lawn.

Talking lawns with our team

For more than three decades we’ve been supplying mowers in Rockingham, as well as other electrical garden tools to West Australian lawn enthusiasts. At Coastline Mowers, we understand premium lawn care.

Whether discussing a possible purchase or service, or wanting a bit of lawn feedback, our friendly team is always happy to talk shop. You can contact us by email or phone, or call in to our Rockingham showroom.