A well-watered lawn requires the right amount of water, at the perfect time.

Watering is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Establishing a watering routine helps ensure your lawn has the best chance of looking good—alongside regular mowing and trimming, of course.

At Coastline Mowers, we’re often asked for lawn care tips. With over 35 years’ experience in garden power tool needs, we’ve picked up a few pointers. Below are answers to common questions we hear as a leading Perth mower shop.

Am I supposed to water every night?

No, two or three times a week should be enough, unless it’s a new lawn. A quick water every night doesn’t do much, and may weaken your lawn.

Watering for a longer period a few times a week is a better alternative.

Does a new lawn need more water?

Yes, a new lawn is the exception to the above rule, and requires daily watering, 2-3 times a day. The lawn needs to stay moist till the blades are about 2.5cm high, which can take 1-3 weeks, depending on grass type.

How can I be sure I’ve watered enough?

The screwdriver test is used by gardeners to check lawn moisture. If you stab a screwdriver into the lawn and it can’t easily slide 15cm into moist soil, your lawn may require longer watering periods.

What is the catch-cup test?

Catch-cups are specific spike measuring cups you place across the lawn before turning on sprinklers.

This way, you’ll see how much water areas of your lawn receive. Different types of sprinklers also impact results.

How much should I water?

Type of grass, soil conditions, grass health, weather, and hose or sprinkler system impact the watering schedule.

Use the screwdriver or cup test to ascertain if a lawn is getting enough moisture, and then adapt.

Will day or night watering offer the best benefits?

It would be better to water between pre-sunrise and early morning. By morning tea break, it’s too late.

Western Australia’s weather makes daytime watering a waste. If night is the only option, aim for early evening.

Is it possible to overwater?

Yes, especially if you don’t take rainy days into account. Too much watering can stop your lawn from flourishing by suffocating the roots and inhibiting growth. Oversoaking also risks encouraging insects and weeds.

Can I water with a hand-held hose?

You can, but be aware using a hose places your lawn at risk of receiving uneven water allocation, and therefore irregular growth and colour, which is why sprinklers and irrigation systems are so popular.

Is it okay to use bore water on my lawn?

Yes, but be sure to check any garden bore water restrictions put in place by the West Australian government, dependent on location. It’s better to be informed in terms of legal water usage.

Am I allowed to water whenever I want?

WA has specific regulations around lawn watering with sprinklers and irrigation. Find allocated days for watering and the window of time in which you can water here, as well as a helpful guide to sprinkler run times.

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