Having so many fantastic options for lawnmowers available on today’s market can seem like a dream; one glance at our packed showroom in Rockingham shows we have the size, style, and power level of mower to fit any need! However, all this choice can be overwhelming for the novice buyer, or for those unsure of what would work best for their space. Whether you’re a professional landscaper, contractor, or an enthusiastic home gardener, we can help you find the right model for you. To get you started here is a run-down on the benefits of battery powered vs petrol lawnmowers.

Best for big spaces

Petrol fuelled lawnmowers have been around for decades and have many loyal users for obvious reasons; the main one being their efficiency when it comes to tackling large areas of grass. Given it has enough fuel in it to go the distance, a petrol lawnmower will make light work of extensive spaces, whereas a battery powered mower will likely be unable to go the distance. If it is a corded model the lead will only reach so far, and if it has a rechargeable battery it will only last between 20 to 45 minutes depending on the lawn mower brand and model.

Easiest to move

For those with smaller, more controlled areas of land, a battery powered lawn mower can be a blessing given how easy it is to manoeuvre. These lighter styles contrast to the heavy-duty petrol lawnmowers and are perfect for most Perth homeowners with a family-size yard. The added bonus of battery powered or electric mowers is of course the environmentally-friendly nature of their designs; an area of increasing importance to many conscious homeowners today. Light in weight as well as environmental impact!

Quieter controls

If you, like many of our loyal customers, live in a suburban area of Perth or Western Australia, you have probably experienced the frustration of being woken up early on a weekend to a neighbour mowing their lawn. Not so fun! For quietly run lawnmowers, a battery powered style is the clear winner as petrol motors are known to be noisy beasts. They also tend to run on the pricier side of things, so unless you have a big garden or require a super sturdy build, an electric or battery run lawn mower is likely a better option for you. These days electricity is cheaper than petrol, so generally speaking a battery powered lawn mower will be cheaper to maintain and run.

The right lawnmower for YOU

Here at Coastline Mowers we understand that the right lawnmower completely depends on the unique needs of each customer, which is why we train each staff member on the importance of listening. We love to share our product knowledge and industry experience, but first we need to know your needs! For more information on any of our top quality lawnmowers, or to chat to our friendly team of experts about what type of mower would best suit your requirements and budget, get in touchhere or call into our fully stocked Rockingham showroom.