Here at Coastline Mowers we love our Stihl products, and are proud to offer a range of Stihl chainsaws and related products to our customer base here in Western Australia. Working with a range of buyers, from home gardeners to professional contractors, we aim to deliver the perfect fit of chainsaw for any need, and Stihl is very often the design that fits the bill. One question we get asked a lot, however, is what do the model numbers on each Stihl chainsaw mean? Read on for an explanation on how this number system works and check out our extensive product range next time you call by our fully stocked Rockingham showroom.

The Stihl chainsaw scale

As a brand, Stihl have kept relatively quiet on their numbering system, but did release this scale that acts a chart for ranking model numbers as suitable for occasional use to extensive use. While this acts as a guide for deciphering which style might work best for your specific needs, the numbers are not in fact ranked in order of lowest = less power, highest = most power. Which is where things get confusing! Each model number contains three sections: MS, MSA, or MSE + numbers + letters. Let’s start with MS, a straightforward one to explain. MS stands for Motorsäge (chainsaw in German), and MSA means it is a battery chainsaw, while MSE indicates it is an electric chainsaw.

Number breakdown

Here is where it gets complicated! While many theories abound, it seems safe to say that the first, second, and third numbers have different indications that combine to create a unique product number. The first number relates to engine power and fuel capacity (where applicable), essentially standing for how powerful it is. The second number is combined with the first number to create a full model number each different design, and likely stand for specific features making them an addition for Stihl chainsaws on both ends of the scale. The third number is then a version number for each model type, differentiating between multiple versions of the same chainsaw type.

What do the letters stand for?

Each Stihl chainsaw model number ends in a combination of letters, each of which stands for a specific feature for performance:

B: Quick chain adjuster, a tool-less chain adjustment.

C: Comfort, for ergonomic and lightweight designs.

E: Easy2Start, making this Stihl Chainsaw easy to start up.

M: M-Tronic, engine management system that adjusts to varying conditions such as temperature.

Q: Quickstop, braking feature.

R: Wrap handle, multiple position handle for different uses.

How Coastline Mowers can help

The experienced team here at Coastline Mowers are on hand to talk you through our wide range of Stihl Chainsaws and related products and provide expert advice on which style and model would be best suited to your specific requirements. We’re proud to be leading providers of top-quality garden machinery and equipment to Perth, and our 35+ years of experience enables us to offer servicing for each product we sell. Call into our Rockingham showroom today to see our wide range of garden equipment from top brands such as Stihl, or get in touch with us here with any questions you have about sales, servicing, or repairs.