Established in Japan over 130 years ago and one of the most well-known brands in tractors and heavy equipment, Kubota is synonymous world-wide for making the best compact and sub-compact tractors in the marketplace. Here’s a few things you probably didn’t know about their tractor range:

Sub-Compact Tractor Pioneers

Kubota pioneered the sub-compact tractor in 2000 when it introduced its first BX series tractor, shaking the residential tractor market.  Residential customers flocked to the BX series sub-compact tractor, using it for mowing, tilling and even snow removal. Today, it still rolls out its BX series with its latest BX80 and is still the best selling sub-compact tractor on the market.

Incredible Cutting Performance

Kubota offer a variety of decks to meet all your cutting needs. Whether you’re cutting basic yard stuffs or something more industrial, Kubota’s has something for everything in its deck range that includes the Kubota PRO DECK, Aerodynamic Cutting System, Infinity Deck, Twin Cut, and Tri Cut.

It Uses Diesel Engines

Yes, that’s right. While most manufacturers tend to produce regular petrol-powered tractors, Kubota’s commitment to the environment means they use diesel engines that give you all the performance you need while observing emissions standards efficiency.

It Has a Hydraulic Deck Lift

Kubota’s tractors use an advanced hydraulic deck lift pedal system which gives you the ability to raise and lower the deck with your feet with ease. This means quick access to the lift, quicker response time and better safety.

Variety and Features

The Kubota range has something for everyone – whether for professional or residential use. From sub-compact to full-size tractors, they can come with every function you could ever need. They have narrow and low-clearance models, and added features such as grass collectors including high-dump, low-dump, combined and combined zero turn which are able to be attached and de-attached with ease.


Kubota realises that its equipment will be utilised for many hours at a time, so it doesn’t skimp on comfortability. Intuitive control panels, easily maneuverable handles and oh so comfy seating is all designed to help absorb shocks much better than its competitors.

Stellar Warranty

As your trusted Kubota dealer Coastline Mowers knows, Kubota provides one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get for its products. See how you can get your hands on your very own Kobuta compact or sub-compact tractor by contacting a Coastline Mowers expert here, or by visiting in-store or calling (08) 9528 7111. Not does Coastline Mowers have one of the largest showrooms in Australia, they also have more than 35 years’ experience in advising and supplying quality products to all of Rockingham and Perth.