GHE 105

Finely shredded material is created by the GE 105 electric shredder, which can chip branches and shred soft material such as leaves or plant trimmings up to approx. 35 mm diameter. Powerful motor and a Multi-Cut blade system efficiently achieve these tasks. Two feed openings are available for either branches or soft shredding material and blockage-free ejection ensures an efficient operation.




Electromechanical safety locking

  • Electromechanical safety locking
  • When the chute is removed for maintenance the electromechanical safety lock with large rotary switches prevents the machine from starting.





Multi-Cut 103 blade set

  • Multi-Cut 103 blade set
  • Disc with three side profile teeth, reversible chipping blade, wing blade and aluminium counter-cutter which holds the branch for cutting.




  • Cloverleaf opening
  • The patented clover leaf opening limits the possibility of material being forced back towards the user, whilst also protecting the user from accidentally coming into contact with the blades.
Appliance height cm 97
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