Aiming for a beautiful lawn all year round? Investing in quality products is a key component of ongoing lawn care.

At Coastline Mowers we know looking after your lawn is a lot easier with the right tools. Whether you’re a professional or simply addressing your garden needs, maintenance is less time-consuming with the fundamentals on hand.

1. Lawn Mower

Lawn size and budget must be taken into account when choosing a lawnmower. We have the widest range in the Rockingham area, including Hustler mowers and Bobcat mowers in Australia. We also offer the options of Riding Mowers and Robo Mowers.

2. Lawn Edger

A lawn edger ensures sleek lines on the borders of your lawn, and brings a beautiful finishing touch to every mowing job. At Coastline Mowers we have an array of edgers, depending on whether your gardening needs are domestic or industrial.

3. Blower

If caring for a yard with its fair share of leaves consider investing in a leaf blower to save yourself time and effort, while delivering noticeable results. Leaf blowers—whether petrol or battery powered—are also great for clearing grass cuttings.

4. Brushcutter

Brushcutters allow you to neatly cut portions of the lawn that may otherwise be out of the reach of your lawnmower, notably around trees, paving and garden beds. With the right blade, can also be used to address other sections of the garden as well.

5. Vacuum/Sweeper

Garden vacuums and sweepers are designed to address garden litter, offering an excellent helping hand when cleaning up outdoor areas. If your lawn is constantly beset by dead leaves and debris, we can help find the right model for you.

6. Garden Shears

Do you prefer to do your lawn edging and trimming with a handheld set of shears rather than electrical equipment? We have a few popular shears available online in our accessory selection with many more options you can check out instore.

7. Sprayer

A good garden sprayer will assist in protecting your lawn from weed infestations. From a small handheld sprayer, to larger trolley designs for heavy duty garden care and high capacity industrial sprayers we have an assortment of models.

8. Protective Gear

From affordable vision safety glasses to polarised safety glasses with anti-scratch lenses and professional earmuffs, we can always help you with quality safety gear. We even have Bluetooth earmuffs, so you can take calls, and enjoy music.

9. The Extras

Sometimes the beauty of your lawn can be impacted by the condition of the garden surrounding it. From Hedge Trimmers to Chainsaws for when dealing with problematic branches, we have an extensive range of useful garden equipment.

We have what you need

Our Rockingham showroom and workshop are packed with the best quality brands. As a popular Perth Kubota stockist and a regular stop-in for Stihl fans, we know our clients trust us to only offer premium quality garden machinery.

With over three decades experience, you can also trust our showroom and workshop with all your service and repair needs to ensure long-lasting equipment. Check out our online store, or come talk to our team today.