Our comprehensive guide on lawn mower maintenance and care helps garden equipment work better, for as many years as possible.

A lawn mower no longer in peak condition means expending more energy and time in the yard, often resulting in a less than perfect lawn finish. Power equipment properly cared for, produces stellar results.

You can take steps to extend the life of your lawn mower, or trust us to provide a premium quality service. As experienced garden power specialists, Coastline Mowers know how to care for lawn mowers in Perth.

Summer, and your mower

Wet winter days often make it easy to put off mowing for another time. As the weather warms, more people begin tending to their lawns. Before you hit the garden, consider basic maintenance and service.

Begin with care. to avoid injuries or accidents, disconnect the spark plugs and doublecheck the throttle is off. This also helps protect the spark plugs when you clean beneath the mower.

Hopefully you drained the petrol before putting your lawn mower away. If not, drain now, but wait to replace with new petrol after cleaning, to avoid spillage. Clean the mower, including deck and undercarriage.

Check starter, tubing, belts and other parts such as blades and tires for general wear and tear, and corrosion. Any needed repairs by our fully qualified trade technicians are covered by a 3-month warranty.

Follow the instructions

Next, check the manual for instructions. Most can be found online, and downloaded for free. The manual was written to assist in keeping your specific brand and model of lawn mower in good shape.

A lawn mower, robo mower, and ride on mower all have different maintenance requirements. For example, low tyre pressure in a ride on mower equals a less than smooth ride, and can impact quality of cut.

Dependent on the model, there should be guidelines around checking, topping up, and changing oil, and possible need for a new oil filter. Also follow steps to clean, and if necessary, replace air filters.

Spark plugs should be cleaned and lubricated, replaced once or twice a year, depending on usage levels and manual recommendations. Make sure you always replace parts with the right model.

Lubricants are available that minimise chance of rust and corrosion. The model of your lawn mower will impact these needs. If there are oil spillages or overflows, degreasing could also be required.

Packing away your machine

Don’t plan on using your lawnmower for a while? Take the necessary steps to reduce potential for future problems. Clean properly, and remove petrol or battery before storing for a few months.

Store sure your lawn mower in a dry and secure location away from children and pets. You may have the option of fogging the engine, depending on brand and model. Ask us for advice during your next visit.

The fine details

Certain tasks can be mastered by mower owners, but it may be easier and faster to have professionals carry out more complex maintenance. This includes blade care, from sharpening annually, to replacement.

Other issues may arise, such as problems with the carburettor. If you’d prefer comprehensive professional maintenance, trust Coastline Mowers in Rockingham to help with our wide range of services.