Brush cutters – often referred to as field mowers, finish mowers or a brush hog (depending on type and branding) are the perfect pieces of equipment to tackle overgrown areas. If you think a regular lawnmower won’t be able to get over all that tall grass, then a brush cutter mower might be for you.

Brush Cutter Uses

Able to traverse more difficult terrain than regular mowers, the most common uses for brush cutters are for clearing out overgrown fields and neglected lawns; and they can also be used to cut grass under trees where rocks and other hard objects would otherwise damage a finishing mower.

Brush cutters are basically a beefed-up version of a regular lawn mower. They are able to cut grass taller than 8”, brush, weeds, shrubs and even woody material between 1” and 2” (for any thicker material, you’d probably want a chainsaw!)

The Benefits of Using a Brush Cutter

The main advantage of a brush cutter is that it has quite a wide cutting width to be able to tackle large areas of overgrowth without bogging down. The cutting decks of brush cutters are also usually wider than that of regular lawn mowers. While an average lawn mower deck is about 21” wide, while brush cutter mowing decks range can range up to 26”.

Featuring more powerful engines than other mowers, ranging anywhere from 8 to 10 horsepower, brush cutters are also built to endure rougher terrain for longer. Some other features of brush cutters are pneumatic tires, more durable blade spindles and heavy duty steel cutting decks. Most brush cutters also have added features such as a locking differential for better traction and an articulating cutting deck.

Brush Cutter Limitations

Brush cutters are also built to endure rougher terrain and to cut thicker and denser material than finishing mowers. They feature more powerful engines, ranging anywhere from 8 to 15 horsepower, pneumatic tires, thicker and more durable blade spindles and cutting decks made of heavy duty steel. Finally, many brush cutters have added features that make them easier to operate on rough terrain. Such features can include a locking differential for added traction and a front wheel for greater maneuverability.

Brush Cutting Hints and Tips

Using a brush cutter can be quite a different experience than regular lawn mowing. Before you even hop on to the mower you’ll need to put on protective clothing.

PPE Checklist:

  • Gloves
  • Safety Glasses
  • Safety Vest
  • Long Pants
  • Boots

Because areas that require brush cutting usually have taller vegetation, it is a good idea to canvas the area to check for heavy objects such large rocks, wood stumps and metal debris and the like. Move the objects out of the area if you can, or if it’s too heavy mark it so it’s visible from distance when you’re cutting the area.

It’s also a good idea to start cutting with the blades in a higher position so you avoid hard objects or obstacles that may be obscured. Once, you’ve run through at a higher cutting height it will be much easier to spot or mark objects that you don’t wish to run over with the brush cutter.

The Ultimate in Brush Cutting

If you’re after the ultimate in brush cutting equipment, look no further than Coastline Mower’s range of Razorback Brush Cutters. Engineered and manufactured in Japan the Razorback commercial 4WD ride-on brush cutters are built specifically for hard to cut areas and have outstanding durability. With its high-end torque and drive shaft, it’s more probably closer to an excavator rather than a lawnmower. The Razorback’s also have a low centre of gravity for those steep inclines.

If you’re interested in our Razorback brush cutter range or any of our other ride-on mower products, get in touch with a Coastline Mowers expert here, or visit us in store or call (08) 9528 7111. Not only do we have one of the largest showrooms in Australia, but we also have more than 35 years’ experience in advising and supplying quality products to all of Rockingham and Perth.