Buying an expensive mower is an important investment decision, and no-one understands this more than the expert team at Coastline Mowers.

That’s why we proudly supply and support Bobcat’s ride-on mower range. As leaders in compact construction equipment, it was a no-brainer for Bobcat to enter the ride on mower industry bringing its toughness to turf with its new range of zero-turn mowers.

What Is A Zero Turn Mower?

‘Zero-turn’ refers to the mower’s ability to turn itself around on a ‘pivot’. Unlike different types of riding lawn mowers that are built based on front-wheel steering designs, zero turn mowers pivot around the rear wheels. Most zero turn riding lawn mowers don’t come with a steering wheel; instead, they are controlled by two levers with motors that connect to each rear wheel.

Zero turn mowers love zipping around flat ground. They have far superior maneuverability and can often cut into narrower areas than other ride-on mowers. You won’t have to constantly be doing 3 point turns or more with a zero turn mower.

Why Choose Bobcat?

Bobcat Mowers are built to mow with an unrivalled quality of cut – so you can maintain your lawn with an exceptional smooth, manicured finish.

Bobcat’s zero-turn mowers are packed with innovative elements that give Bobcat a clear advantage over the competition. Whether maintaining a new lawn or taking care of a vast parkland area, Bobcat zero-turn mowers are designed specifically to help commercial customers grow their businesses and residential customers get a manicured lawn in less than no time.

Bobcat’s commercial-grade ZT mowers are designed to keep crews of workers productive and profitable. Engineered with decades of equipment design and construction experience, Bobcat ZT mowers are built for rugged durability with the latest in mower innovation.

Bobcat Support

With Bobcat’s excellent factory support and warranty options, you know you’ll be covered, whatever the issue.

Why Coastline Mowers?

As a registered Bobcat dealer, we at Coastline Mowers provide you with all your Bobcat servicing and maintenance requirements, as well as genuine Bobcat parts and optional extras.

Purchasing a Bobcat with access to Coastline Mower’s Bobcat parts and servicing means you will minimise downtime and maintain top performance of your mower.

To check our impressive Bobcat mowers, parts and accessories, visit Coastline Mowers. Not only do we have one of the largest showrooms in Australia, but we also have more than 35 years’ experience in advising and supplying quality products to all of Rockingham and Perth. Contact one of our experts here or in-store, or on (08) 9528 7111.