3″ Crommelins 5.5hp PTD Diesel Centrifugal Pump

The Crommelins assembled 5.5hp Diesel Pump is more powerful than the standard model the 4.8hp Diesel Subaru built Pump PTD306, it Australian made and assembled, with a heavy duty steel frame with extra room around the pump for fitting camlocks and is ideal for applications such as Mining and Exploration where Diesel fuel is preferred over petrol.

The Crommelins Pump is high quality and designed for heavy-duty service. Self-priming, centrifugal pump design, the Impeller and Inner Casing are constructed of cast iron for rugged durability. They have a tough silicon-carbon mechanical seal, quick clean-out port, easy maintenance and a long service life.


-Locally made heavy duty frame, with extra room around the pump for fitting camlocks
-Genuine 5.5hp diesel Subaru industrial engine instead of 4.8hp Diesel -Subaru that comes on the PTD306
-Self-priming pump requires no water for subsequent pumping operation once initial pumping is done.
-Efficient, economical operation is assured by directly coupled pump. It provides compactness and guarantees that power is not lost.
-Corrosion resistant qualities are prominent by adopting a mechanical seal and impellers of special cast iron.
-Heavy cast iron volute guarantees low maintenance.
-Easy Start
-High Power & Performance
-Great Reliability & Durability
-Long Life
-Easy Maintenance
-2 year Pump warranty
-3 year Subaru engine warranty


Electric start (E) available (PTD306S)


-General Purpose De-Watering
-Multiple-Purpose De-Watering
-Anywhere Portable Pumps are needed


-Construction Job Site

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Inlet (inch):3 "
Outlet (inch): 3"
Total Head (m): 28m
Volume max. (L/min): 900
Volume max. (L/hr): 54000
Maximum suction lift (m): 8m
Pump Type: Centrifugal
Suction Type: Self Priming
Impeller: Single
Axle Seal Material (Mechanical Seal): Ceramic-carbon
Engine Make: Subaru
Engine Type: 5.5hp DY27
Starting System: Recoil Start
Fuel Type: Diesel
Fuel Tank (L): 3.2L
Noise Level (dB @ 7m): 74db
Dimensions (LxWxH): 530x420x490mm
Weight (kg): 50kg
Manufacturers Warranty: 2 years
Engine Warranty: 3 years
Now $3,201
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