Stihl KG 770

With the efficient STIHL MultiClean sweeping system for sweeping up all kinds of debris. Low wieght, direct power transmission, easy to push. With ergonomically designed push bar and central height adjustment. The durable nylon bristles come with a four-year warranty. Ideal for large areas such as school yards, petrol stations and warehouses.

Standard features:

Rotating brush roller

  • Rotating brush roller
  • The roller brush allows any fine dust not collected by the bristles to be swept into the waste container.





Side guide rollersSide guide rollers
The spacer rollers at the sides guide the machine when sweeping along objects such as walls or kerbs. They also serve to protect both the sweeper and the wall from damage.




Ergonomic push handleErgonomic push handle
The sweeper is effortless to push and can easily be adapted to users of different heights. The handle can also be removed for easy transport.

50 l Tank Capacity
Weighs 13kg
77 cm Sweep Width

Silicone Spray

Silicone Spray
The STIHL Silicone spray lubricates, maintains and protects the transmission parts of STIHL sweepers. Unlike fatty lubricants silicone film ensures that dirt does not stick. In addition, it is water-repellent. The STIHL Silicone spray ensures easy and low-wear operation of the sweeping equipment when used regularly (about every 10 hours). By the blue color silicone spray also serves as proof that the customer has used no other oils or fats that affect the function of the gearbox.

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