GHE 150

With a powerful motor and special noise-reducing blade system, the GE 150 processes thicker branches into chippings that are ideal for composting. A short, inclined feed chute and patented clover leaf opening make feeding effortless.




Multi-Cut 150 blade set

  • Multi-Cut 150 blade set
  • Patented cutting technology with sound-proofed blade disc with sandwich construction. Multi-Cut 150 blade set is ideal for chipping thick branches.
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Push button control panel

  • Push button control panel
  • Innovative control panel with key pad and operating indicator.





  • Electromechanical safety locking
  • When the chute is removed for maintenance the electromechanical safety lock with large rotary switches prevents the machine from starting.
  • Clover leaf feed chute
  • The patented clover leaf opening ensures that oversized branches do not damage the chipping unit.
Appliance height cm 114
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