Portable, camping and home generators, WA

Coastline Mowers offers a range of cost-effective generators for sale that are suited to various residential and commercial uses. Whether you require pro max generators for large scale industrial work, or camping generators for your caravan and outdoor excursions, Coastline is the recommended choice for diesel and solar generators.

With more than 35 years in the business we know that you don’t want to be left in the dark if you’re running a business. You’ll need a trade generator in times of power outages to ensure productivity is not interrupted. Order any one of our reliable and efficient generators and we’ll deliver a fully assembled machine directly to you. All you have to do is plug it in.

Designed and manufactured using the latest technology, all name-brand generators at Coastline are considered the premier machines in this line of products. Available with a wide range of benefits, our generators offer various features such as smart power management systems, a reduction in engine noise, and variable engine speeds amongst others.

We have portable generators for every budget and requirement. Considered a particularly useful product, our generators are equipped with reliable engines and offer economic fuel consumption. This makes them the ideal choice, whether it’s for your remote holiday home or an industrial site.

From requiring power for recreational needs such as camping and mobile homes, to commercial, mining and other industrial sites, Coastline offers nothing less than reliable and efficient products. We also service, repair and maintain all generators so you get the highest quality and operational machines, with minimal downtime.

Camping & Leisure

For camping generators in various sizes, visit Coastline Mowers today. We can meet your portable generators needs. Perfectly designed and suited to RV, camping sites, and mobile homes, our easy-to-use generators make camping a breeze. Generate immediate power when you’re off the grid, with our clean and quiet machines such as our range of Yamaha generators, a brand whose technology you can always trust.

Trust our brands of generators no matter where you go. If you need to do some admin work while out camping, you can run your laptop, portable television and radio from one of our generators, which are designed for camping and outdoor use. Created for these eventualities, all portable and home generators are conceptualised with mobile and digital technology in mind.

Trade Pack

Do you need a generator bundle for your commercial and industrial purposes? A trade pack includes a trade generator, such as our Gentech generators for sale, to suit your productivity requirements. Losing time on productivity is a costly exercise that will require additional power to make up for time. With an industrial generator at hand, you don’t need to worry about lost work hours because this machine will kick in as soon as a power outage happens.

Protect your productivity and minimise the economic impact by preparing your business in case of a loss of electricity. Our diesel generators range between 30 – 150KVA and generate a fair amount of power. Conveniently plugged into the closest point, these machines are ideal for residential and commercial purposes.


Pro Max generators are portable generators that have features designed to make them the perfect power companion for commercial, residential and recreational use. Work or play, the Pro Max offers efficiency, reliability and durability in harsh conditions.

Performance driven, these machines are equipped with heavy duty roll bars that fit in well with any construction site or home. Features such as voltage regulation and circuit breakers ensure the safety of the user and steady and safe output of currents.

Get your generators for sale from Coastline Mowers, where outdoor and garden equipment is fully assembled, tested and ready to go. Contact us  today.