7.0hp Crommelins Twin Impeller FF Pump

The Twin Impellor, petrol 7.0hp Fire Fighter Pump provides similar volumes of water to their Single Impeller cousins, but at a far greater pressure.

Used extensively on boom sprays, wash down points and where ever higher pressure water is required. This model is popular due to its reliability, durability and verstility and is also ideal for firefighting, water transfer, washing down farm machinery and many other jobs that require water.

This model will give you top performance when you need it!

The Pump is cast aluminium alloy that comes with a 40mm (1 ½”) inlet and three way outlet – Consisting of 1x 40mm (1 ½”) outlet and 2 x 25mm (1″) outlets). There is also 2″ Inlet and Outlets available upon request.


-The cast aluminium impeller/s gives improved life
-Self-priming after initial prime
-Bolt on replaceable suction port so enabling easy and quick replacement if inlet cracked or thread is damaged
-Cast iron diffuser increases pump life and greatly reduces maintenance
-Metal (not plastic) delivery outlet caps
-High quality cast aluminium pump body, for longer life and less maintenance.
-Spark arrestor muffler
-Double fuel filter system to protect engine from any water or impurities
-A serviceable carburettor, not a “throw-away”, reduces costs
-Double ball bearing crankshaft, increasing engine life
-Pointless ignition system, requires less maintenance, easier starting and more reliability
-Cast iron cylinder liner, extends engine life by allowing rebore.
-2yr Pump warranty
-3yr Subaru engine warranty


-Fire fighting
-Water transfer
-Washing down farm machinery
-Boom Sprays
-Water Sprinkling
-Water Tanks
-Rural Properties


-Agricultural & Farms
-Housing in Rural Areas
-Shires and Councils
-Fire Fighting
-Emergency Services

Click Here for a Brochure: 7.0hp_Crommelins_Twin_Impeller_FF_Pump

Inlet (inch): 1.5"
Outlet (inch): 1x 1.5" and 2x 1"
Total Head (m): 90m
Volume max. (L/min): 360L
Volume max. (L/hr): 21,800L
Maximum suction lift (m): 8m
Pump Type: Alluminium
Suction Type : Self Priming
Impeller: Twin Axle
Seal Material (Mechanical Seal): Ceramic-carbon
Engine Make: Subaru
Engine Type: 7.0hp EX21
Starting System: Recoil Start
Fuel Type: Petrol
Fuel Tank (L): 3.6L
Noise Level (dB @ 7m): 68db
Package (LxWxH): 510 x 440 x 440
Weight (kg): 32kg
Manufacturers Warranty: 2 years
Engine Warranty: 3 years
Now $1,307
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