Yale Maxi-Flip Sport Flipline

The Maxi-Flip Sport is the lightest wire-core flipline on the market. In addition to shaving off 25% of the weight, the Maxi-Flip Sport lanyards have a 16-strand cover instead of a 12, which makes them more abrasion resistant due to the tighter weave and allows mechanical adjusters to slide more easily because of the smoother surface. They also come with a new style of aluminum snap made by ISC, which shaves weight without being harder to open. The Sport has the same great Flemish eye-splice in the 7/32” cable that prevents flex fatigue and extends life over to other fliplines swaged (crimped) eyes. Kit includes Petzl Micrograb flipline adjuster and Rock Exotica Pirate positive-locking carabiner.

1/2" (11.7mm) 8'
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