Buckingham Friction Savers with Aluminum Rings

Friction savers offer minimal friction when working from different positions in the tree and can be wrapped around a stem for use as a false crotch where no natural crotch exists to run the line over. Friction savers also aid in keeping the slack out of your climbing line for added safety during your ascent. Buckingham friction savers are available with your choice of steel or aluminum rings (steel rings are stronger but aluminum rings are lighter and dissipate heat better.) The rings are of different sizes to aid retrieval of the friction saver from the ground. The strap is reinforced and stitched nylon webbing. Friction savers are available from 24” to 72” in length.

24” / 2’ Friction Saver
36” / 3’ Friction Saver
48” / 4’ Friction Saver
60” / 5’ Friction Saver
72” / 6’ Friction Saver
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