The Selecta Rakpak sprayer has been designed to fit neatly on most ATV bikes and meet the strict weight requirement of these vehicles. This model features a constant flow, no pulsation Smoothflo pump.

-7 L/min open flow (690 kPa/120 psi) Smoothflo Pump
-Spotjet spray gun with adjustable 30° offset cone jet nozzle
-UV stablised Polytuff tanks made in Australia
-6 metres of 8mm ID high quality delivery hose
-Hold down straps to secure to vehicle
-3 metre wiring loom for connection to 12volt DC power
-Pump cover to protect pump and electrics
-On/off switch fitting in the Pump cover
-Lance holder to secure gun while travelling
-Antispill barrier around lid to protect rider
-Drain tap for easy drainage
-Internal baffles to reduce surge
-No pressure regulator required to deliver constant flow without pulsation

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