2000psi Petrol CPC Pressure Cleaner

sing the New AR Blue Clean techonology, Crommelins have produced a 2000psi Pressure Cleaner designed for the smaller simpler jobs like washing down dusty & dirty machinery, muddy cars etc.Made with heavy duty materials this machince comes in a steel powder coated roll frame with gun and hose holders, 4x wheels, central lifting hook, push handle, rubber isolated engine mounting (reduce vibration).


-Heavy duty roll frame with gun and hose holder
-Central Lifting Hook
-Rubber isolated engine mounting plate
-AR Pressure Pump with ceramic pistons & 2:1 reduction gearbox
-Adjustable pressure regulator & detergent injector nozzle
-Heavy duty gun with twin lance
-10m high pressure hose
-1yr Crommelins pump warranty
-3yr Subaru engine warranty


-Mine Spec
-Fire extinguisher
-Safety stop
-4 spray nozzles 0° /15° /40°/detergent
-Detergent hose pickup tube & filter
-Custom colouring


-Car & Boats washing
-Washing down patios
-Caravans and RV\’s
-Outdoor furniture
-Shop fronts
-Mud from flooded areas


-Hire & Rental
-Dealers & Resellers
-Domestic Use
-Commercial Use
-Industrial Use
-Rural & Farm

Click Here for a Brochure: 2000psi_Petrol_CPC_Pressure_Cleaner


Pressure (psi max.): 2000
Water Flow (L/min max.): 12L
Water flow (L/hr max.): 720L
Pressure Pump Brand: Triplex
Fuel Type: Petrol
Engine Make: Subaru
Engine: 7.0hp EX21
Starting System: Recoil Start
Fuel Tank (L): 3.6L
db @ 7m: 66db
Lance & Spray Gun: Twin lance HD Gun
Nozzles: Detergent Nozzle, Optional Turbo Nozzle
Hose Type & length: 10m Braided HP Hose
Detergent tank (L): Detergent Suction Pickup
Manufacturers Warranty: 2 years
Engine Warranty: 3 years
Pressure Pump Warranty: 1 years
Now $3,105
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