Brush Chipper C30

The powerful hydraulic feed system of the Hansa Chipper C30 makes it easy to process any material. Its 7” x 13” wide feed opening pulls bushy and twisted branches with forks into the machine without effort. You simply control the feed rate with the control bar and the rest is automatic with the electronic automatic sensor feed system.

Fuel efficiency is vastly increased by 50% with the 28.6HP Kohler two cylinder air cooled diesel engine in comparison to petrol powered equivalents. With the 40% higher torque of this engine, wide feed opening and the auto sensor feed system, this machine has an extremely high throughput, making this machine very popular among arboriculture contractors.

If you have special requirements these can often be incorporated in the build of your machine. Options such as a cone holder, rake holder, spare wheel and road brakes can be manufactured to suit your operation. We will even powder coat your machine in a colour of your choice!



Infeed Opening: 330 x 178mm (13” x 7”). For foliage and brushy material, this wide infeed opening gives the chipper a capacity of a 10” to 12” machine with all
the advantages of a 6” machine, e.g. Low weight and cost, and easy to manoeuvre.
Vertical Anvil: Anvil positioned vertically (rather than horizontally) to reduce knife damage caused by abrasive material.
Hydraulic Pump: Driven off the engine. Even if cutting disk is jammed,
the feed roller can still be reversed for clearing the branch material.
Clutch: Easy starting with soft start technology. Simple and reliable. Auto tensioning belt drive system.
Outlet: 360° rotating chute with deflector and a positive locking system. No tools required for adjustments.
Jockey Wheel: Large solid wheel, height adjustable.
Light System: LED tail, brake and license plate lights, suitable for 12 or 24 volt system.
Feed Roller: Pivot type spring tensioned, operates with less friction, moves within 10mm of knives.
Feed Control Bar: Pull to feed, push for reverse.
Feed Table: Folds away and is locked when transporting the machine.
Auto Sensor Feed: Electronically monitors engine RPM and controls feed roller to suit. Auto feed is operator adjustable by push button, LCD screen displays engine RPM & hour meter. Auto reversing for quicker engine recovery. Feed roller jams are reversed and cleared automatically, eliminating manual reversing of feed roller if a blockage occurs.
Finish: Media blasted surface, zinc shielded and powder coated (Hansa green or optional colour of your choice).
Warranty: 12 month warranty (conditions apply).
Now $41,400
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